Changing the Game

“So what’s new in ed tech?” I hear this question walking into a classroom or staff room. A lot.

In my current role, I do actively search for new ways to engage students to provide teachers with creative ways to incorporate technology into their lessons. I try not to play favorites for apps or services – every classroom has different needs. Yet there is one I keep ready to play in my back pocket; actually, it’s always in my car!

If you haven’t had an opportunity to play Breakout EDU, stop everything you’re doing right now and visit to check it out. This is a game changer for classroom learning. And it’s not just for our students!

I’ve watched Breakout EDU grow from the beginning; playing early games and attempting to write my own. The first one used original hardware like a treasure box, hide-a-key in a clock, and a locked safe in dictionary form. It was a successful disaster with 4th graders, ending with smashed iron pyrite on the floor. So much for the science experiment that was lovingly crafted to follow the game… One student, two seconds, discovery made.

Fast forward a few years, and it’s now my honor and privilege to be selected as a Breakout EDU Authorized Trainer.

BEAT Badge-wide

I’m so excited to see it continue to grow, and be a part of an amazing group of passionate teachers. Let’s change the game for students and teachers. Let’s play!

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